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About Our PFRANKMD<sup>TM</sup>


PFRANKMDTM is the Aesthetic Healthcare Brand developed by renowned celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. At PFRANKMDTM, we provide a medical and aesthetic experience akin to our native city - professional, stylish, and comforting. With the belief that the maximization of time and the quest for beauty are complementary objectives, our offices provide the cutting edge in non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation.

Our goal is to offer our patients all available options for maintaining and enhancing their appearance with subtlety, significance, and sophistication. Our health care professionals and aestheticians use current technologies and artistic techniques so that physical enhancement is performed safely, with minimal downtime and natural appearing results. Every cosmetic procedure offered at our centers are performed by a licensed medical professional trained under the tutelage and signature techniques of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank; therefore, maximizing their benefits while minimizing any risk.

We are dedicated to the health and cosmetic concerns of our patients and therefore create an environment where medicine and beautification merge, vitalizing and enhancing one’s inner and outer beauty.

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Dr. Frank is a world renowned, celebrity dermatologist, skin care consultant, and founder of PFRANKMD™, bespoke aesthetic healthcare brand. Cultivating a sophisticated clientele over 20 years of practice, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has become renowned for his expertise in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery- including rejuvenative injectable techniques, invasive and non-invasive body sculpting, and signature laser and energy-based devices and protocols. As a highly sought-after development consultant for pharmaceutical, laser, and global skin care companies, Dr. Frank remains on the cutting edge of groundbreaking technologies and techniques. Published by Random House in 2002, TURNING BACK THE CLOCK WITHOUT LOSING TIME: A Complete Guide to Quick and Easy Cosmetic Rejuvenation, became the doctor's first "bible" for the consumer. In addition to expanding the PFRANKMD™ bespoke aesthetic healthcare brand, Dr. Frank currently works with global icon, Madonna and Japanese technology company MTG in development of MDNA Skin, the international skin care brand that is taking the beauty industry by storm.

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